Immerse yourself into the beautiful Melodic EDM. Twilight (RYL0 Remix) out now!

RYL0 is a new independent electronic artist, 21 year old New Jersey native who grew up as an only child with a colorful imagination coupled with a fascination of electronic music. Developing her love for synthetic sounds in middle school, RYL0 discovered a personal connection between electronic music and synesthesia during her adolescence. Although she has grown up studying many forms of musical instruments and techniques, she credits her synesthesia, above all else, for her distinct genre-bending approach to music.

Her music is heavily informed by genre stylings of current electronic artists (such as ODESZA, Porter Robinson, and Lane 8) as well as the early exploration of dance pop in the ‘80s, highlighting the use of rich synths and reverberated vocals. In high school, RYL0 served as the musical director of her acapella group in which she learned how to make complex vocal arrangements through layering, harmony, and syncopation– a staple that can be heard in her work as a solo artist today.

Bringing her vibrant mix of interests to her sound, RYL0’s D-I-Y style is fueled with kinetic and fully immersive energy that aims to leave listeners entranced and enlightened.

“It’s just that music (particularly electronic music) affects me differently than someone without synesthesia. I feel and see color and auras in association with the music I make and just go from there. My style and approach is a direct result of the process of ‘painting’ sounds rather than using musical notation.”

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