Bloom de Wilde – Soul Siren

The nearest comparison to her would be Bjork, but I doubt that even she would create something as downright bonkers as Animal Spirit. Or downright brilliant for that matter.

Christopher McBride (Fresh Faves)

Bloom de Wilde recently released her new track Soul Siren under Dream Society Records and we are obsessed. If you haven’t seen the video yet, this one is must to watch.

Bloom de Wilde is a London based singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist. Famous for her vocals with brass n bass festival favourites Sam and the Womp, Bloom is now stepping out with her new solo project and is currently working on her album Kaleidophone, a colourful constellation of songs channeled straight from the Universe. With dreamlike, Surrealist lyrics and mesmerising undulating melodies, she brings to life a playful world of imaginative revelations.

Originally from the Netherlands, with a Dutch artist mum and an Indonesian dad who lead his own gamelan orchestra, Bloom came to London as an art student at Central St.Martins. Growing up in an environment where the senses were naturally entwined, her eclectic heritage is reflected in her synaesthetic approach to music and art; always in search of the unexpected- combining her prismatic voice with Fender Rhodes, harmonium, gamelan, electronic and organic beats, brass, strings, African kora, sampled cats and household items- as well as making her own videos.

Soul Siren is a love letter to the Universe.
It’s about that feeling when something is just about to happen – you have been through something intense and you have overcome it and now your heart is racing with a gentle excitement. You seem to be outside of time, in a state of liminal bliss of the yet unknown soon to unfold. You wake up and the play of golden light trickling through shapes of trees invites you to open the curtains immediately, and greet the world with your smiling heart. Everything you hear, see, smell and feel sings to you; radiates with life, with colour, with soul. And now imagine you can be the truest essence of yourself; no fear or doubt or conditioning or anyone else telling you what you can or can’t do; you are Infinite, you are the Universe, and you and everything in this universe are connected – each thing in this universe contains all the other things in this universe. Your heart is ablaze, aglow, you are ready.

Bloom de Wilde

Her musical influences include Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Bjork, Ella Fitzgerald, Robert Wyatt, Miles Davis, Erik Satie, Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush, Nirvana, the Beatles, Toxic Chicken, Moondog, Indonesian Gamelan and drum’n’bass. Her songs have been supported by BBC Introducing and had plays on BBC Radio 6 and BBC London.

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