Amber Sardinha is a Fashion Designer and Artist born and raised in South London. At the age of nineteen the daring entrepreneur decided to take the plunge into one of the worlds biggest market sectors, Fashion. Since graduating from the iconic BRIT school for performing arts the world became her oyster as she jets around the world looking for Artist inspiration. Now her time is dedicated to fashion design and building a brand which collates her cultural findings and previous works of art.

Photos by Elise Spencer

Sardinha hosts a bespoke fashion range which she describes as ‘totally inclusive’. Her brand welcomes all sizes, abilities, ethnicities and genders. But why is that all so important? Her discoveries over the years have allowed her to see the brutal backlash of society and how fashion is at the forefront of that. Since travelling to a variety of destinations and even working with severely disabled people she has discovered a common trend in the world… Exclusive clothing. Noticing every brand has a specific image: The brand for girls with the perfect body, fitness enthusiasts and even the so called “trend setters”. Few and far between is the brand for people who just want to wear what their heart desires.

“I have seen body shaming and self-hate, the emotional turmoil of squeezing into clothes or drowning in them, men wanting to wear women’s clothes and vice versa but feeling societies metaphorical frown, people questioning if it’s culturally appropriate to wear a pattern… The simple reality of it is clothes should be made for anyone and everyone. So, what if you are a transgender male or a size 26? Or even both! You are what you are and your body is your canvas.”

With that said she offers a personal service where any item can be made for literally anyone, no matter who or what you want to be.

How did all of these ideas come together? Sardinha first created a garment which knocked her abilities out of this world. “I surprised myself. I’d never used a sewing machine before let alone designed and created a garment, little to my knowledge, would intertwine so many ideas.” A white shirt is typically a garment created for convention. But in the eyes of this designer it was conveying a gender celebration. Extravagant and eccentric, it booms fun! With inspiration from travels to Asia and China towns across the UK this exciting shirt mixes up the norm. Conventional collars are replaced lower in the shirt, flared cuffs and not to mention the floor touching loops on the arms. It’s daring, bold and anyone can wear it!

Her garment parades culture and gender neutralisation and ensures they are conveyed that way through fashion photography. This young and ambitious designer has truly kick started her way into the fashion industry.


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