Alewya – Sweating

“Sweating” is the newest release by Ethiopian/Egyptian singer and model Alewya, and is already shaping up to be one of the biggest bangers this summer. Released by indie label “Because Music”, the song is heavily led by an African inspired beat, and echoes the rhythm and soul of late RnB star Aaliyah, whilst also using modern production techniques and quality mixing to ensure that the track can compete with the highly competitive contemporary market of today.

The music video, which was directed by Jack Bowden, is shot in monochrome and portrays Alewya surrounded by several others dancing sensually in a dark, urban club, with the lyrics of the song asking a girl to embrace her, whilst disregarding what the haters may say about this. The track is already gaining traction across the world, with people from across the world praising Alewya for her open portrayal of a same sex relationship, as well as the message of “love, power and rage” quoted at the beginning of the video, giving strength to young LBGT people of colour, who are sure to be inspired by Alewya’s courage to portray such an overlooked minority.

Aside from music, Alewya is also a keen artist, displaying her black and white drawings on her instagram, which she says are inspired by the feeling of adrenaline whilst on stage performing, and the aftermath of this. Alewya is also a model, having been discovered by British model Cara Delevigne after dancing in the film “Kids In Love” since then, she has walked the DNKY walkway, been signed to agencies in London and New York, and modelled alongside Kate Moss.

As a first release, the song has been a success, gaining over 400,000 views on her official YouTube at the time of writing, as well as earning her fans from countries such as Jamaica, South Africa, Kenya and Morocco, eagerly awaiting her next track.

Music Produced by Ollie Twist (The Busy Twist)
Director – Jack Bowden
Creative Director – Alewya
Producer – Rosie Woods
Art Director – Hannah Stewart Matthews
Choreography – Kikz Katika

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